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Zuni High School is committed to promoting each student's potential and building the skills necessary for development for responsible, respectful, and productive citizens.

About Zuni High School

It is a tremendous responsibility to be an educator.  ZHS staff members are role models for our students.

ZHS staff members are dedicated to maintaining a positive school environment.  We set and achieve goals, develop life-long learners, and nurture pursuits of excellence that successfully respond to student needs in a changing world.

We are committed to a balanced and relevant educational program, flexible enough to meet the needs of individual students.  We want our students to experience personal and academic growth, high self-esteem, and respect for others.  We accept responsibility to stimulate in students a desire to learn, a respect for learning and an appreciation for physical and mental health.

We are alert to changing needs in our society, and willing to restructure to meet those expanding needs.  We are aware of the present needs of our students, and the mandate to prepare students for success in the “real world” after high school.

As ZHS staff we appreciate the mandate to make a personal commitment; to promote, understand and respect the Zuni cultural heritage; and to teach responsibility, respect, character, and appropriate conduct in addition to the subject matter.

We are sensitive to the local environment and are committed to develop appropriate strategies and objectives to address the needs of our students.

Our goals are to strive for academic excellence, develop individual strengths, talents, self-esteem and respect for others.  We encourage students to make good personal decisions.  We teach our students that, to succeed, they must be hear every day prepared to learn, show respect for themselves and others, and be responsible for their actions.

Our school improvement goals are to:

  • Improve Student Achievement
  • Improve Attendance
  • Increase Community and Parental Involvement
  • Increase Student  Support

We seek to make Zuni High School the “school of choice” for every student native to the district.

Staff members are expected to adhere to and enforce these rules, regulations and procedures.  Suggestions for change, clarification and improvement are encouraged.

Physically, and in terms of character/morals, so that they become successful citizens in the 21st Century.

The foundation is critical thinking.  Students develop the intellectual process necessary to gather and analyze information pertinent to a situation, relate appropriate values to that information, and make responsible decisions.  Intellectual skills essential for survival in the world are taught, developed and  encouraged.  These include basic academic skills as well as economic and social skills required for successful living as adults, plus career knowledge, and the personal/character skills needed for a fulfilling life in both the world of work and family/leisure.

Parent involvement is essential; they are the primary source from which students learn their values and ethical standards.  They can be great motivators who provide encouragement within the home environment.  Communication with the home is crucial to our success.  The school can supplement the positive values and the unique community culture.

ZHS is an integral part of the school district and other schools which make up ZPSD.  We work in partnership with the feeder schools as appropriate.  However, we are the only “comprehensive high school” in the district and retain certain characteristics within the structure.  Within our school setting at ZHS the faculty and staff form a team, involving our students and parents (as well as other district staff and board) to operate the school in a manner that promotes maximum student achievement.

We are committed to a comprehensive program for all our students stressing excellence in all areas:  curricular/academic, career education, and activities.  We believe that maximum student and staff involvement in the overall life of the school also maximizes student growth.

It is our responsibility to create an environment that is fully supportive of the overall learning process and to develop programs that accommodate the needs of our students and the community.  We have a special responsibility to motivate students to learn and succeed.  At the senior high level, that is a cooperative venture in which the participants are the educators, students, parents, and community.


ZHS provides educational experiences which motivate students to fully utilize their academic, personal, and physical potential.

We believe:

  • All people are worthy of respect
  • The future of Zuni Lies within our children
  • We must help our students to use their minds well
  • High expectations effect positive outcomes
  • In nurturing a safe and supportive school culture
  • People learn in different ways
  • Success motivates
  • Family and community involvement is critical for student success
  • The need for learning is forever
  • In and embrace the Zuni core values of generosity, community, self-sufficiency, family acceptance, humor, diversity, respect of elders and children, humility, tradition, language, identity, integrity, equality, culture, and organization